A little brevity never hurt anyone.

Three Wednesdays in a row, I was attempting to book a photo shoot with jazz musician, Tony Mowen, but the weather was so uncooperative we had to keep rescheduling. When Wednesday #4 rolled around, we were again greeted with an undesirable forecast— but, unwilling to reschedule a fourth time, we decided to take our chances. And, as predicted— it was bitterly cold.

Regardless, I drove the two of us around to a couple locations with the heat in my Jeep on full force. We would jump out, I’d grab a few shots, then we’d jump back in to get warm. It wasn’t ideal, but Tony simply needed one promotional photo. Due to the less than desirable shooting conditions, we were about to call it a day after both agreeing I had captured what Tony needed, but instead decided to brave the weather for a few more minutes and wander from the car a bit.

We walked through an open field surrounded by trees and caught sight of an old barn not far ahead. When we reached the barn, Tony ducked in, shielding himself from the wind. I was standing on the outside, framing the scene in my viewfinder. I noticed immediately that his attire worked well with the old structure. He was wearing a silk pinstriped suit and to top it off, a boater hat. In one playful instant, Tony ducked down and then popped up, peeking over an exposed wooden beam. I caught the shot.

We left after that, as the wind gusts picked up and blew his hat in the direction of my car. And that was it. We were finished. I shot one roll of film that day— 24 exposures, in less than an hour. Tony got his promotional photo and I got something extra. I got an unexpected favorite photograph.

It was the simplest of shoots, and in that one playful spontaneous moment, brevity won.

And so did I.


Happy Leap Year Everyone— enjoy the extra.